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Do you provide estimates for painting and restoration projects in Charleston?
Absolutely! We’re thrilled to offer free estimates for all our 1st Class painting and restoration projects. Our expert team will swing by, check out your space, and whip up a detailed estimate just for you, breaking down all the nitty-gritty details and costs involved. Get ready to transform your space with 1st Class style!
How long will the painting project take?
The duration depends on the size of your space and the magic we’re working with. We’ll give you a clear timeline upfront so you can plan your return to a beautifully transformed space in no time. Get ready, because we’re about to make your place the talk of the town—quickly and efficiently!
What is your clean-up process after the painting is finished?
After transforming your space with fresh paint, we vanish all traces of our presence. We pack up our materials, whisk away the coverings and tape, and then sweep and vacuum every nook and cranny. When we’re done, the only sign we were ever there will be the dazzling new look of your walls. It’s like we swoop in, sprinkle some color magic, and poof—everything else disappears!
What type of paint do you use?
We’re like the sommeliers of paint! We handpick only the finest, high-quality paints from the most trusted brands out there. Whether you’re all about eco-friendly options or you need a finish tough enough to withstand a superhero battle, we’ve got you covered. Let us guide you through our colorful palette to find the perfect match for your project’s needs. It’s your world; we’re just here to color it!